Hey Sis!

Are you ready to show up?

We've all been there!

Feeling tired, frustrated, and even hopeless about life?

Finding it hard to level up at work?

Desire better relationships?

Or trying to answer, "Who AM I?"

I remember hitting my rock bottom, about 4 years ago. I was deep in it too! And after going through a healing period, I came out feeling renewed and believing that my life didn't have to be THIS way! I could fix it! You can too!

Join a squad of women who want to answer the same questions, be supported, and become the women they are meant to be! 

Become the true warrior you are meant to be!

Reclaim your voice!

Reclaim your power!

Reclaim your confidence!

So many women are going to be blessed by this program. For a woman to be able to truly embrace who she is, is going to be amazing! Great Job!


You have such a way about you when explaining information. You have a warm way in which you communicate. I'm a linear thinker, so the way you explain details is easy for me to follow.


You aren't in this alone!

Together, we can fix it!

This coaching program...

Walks you through the same exact process I went through. 

We dig deep to answer that hounding question, Who Am I? 

You will take ownership your life and increase your capacity to LIVE!

Sis, Can I help you?


It's Time!

No more waiting by the sideline

No more accepting the bare minimum of life

No more poor relationships



Are you ready to show up?

You are IF:

Maybe not yet, IF:

You know you are meant to do more but can't seem to achieve it

There are inconsistencies between what you think and how you act

You are feeling stuck or hitting your rock bottom

You can't clearly identify your strengths and weaknesses

You want to become more confident in who you are

You want to become more confident in who you are

You are not ready to do the work to dig deep

You have it all figure out

You need therapy before coaching

You want a quick fix

You don't have the time commitment or the desire

You don't have the time commitment or the desire

Multi Ethnic Girls

In this course:

You will:

and walk away with:

  • Take a deep dive into who you are

  • Identify key areas your struggling with

  • Put a name to your emotional wounds

  • Pinpoint problematic behavior

  • Learn how to communicate in your way

  • Define your core values and boundaries

  • Define your I AM

  • A communication strategy

  • Trigger controls

  • A clear way to articulate your needs

  • Knowing how advocate for yourself

  • Support others without shrinking yourself

  • A process to deal with conflict

  • A support system strategy

Sis! The world is waiting just for YOU!

3 Options, 3 Ways

to change your life

$335/4 pays

Warrior Academy

  • Annual Membership to the Warrior Community

  • Warrior Welcome Box

  • 12 Live Coaching Calls

  • 3 1-1 Coaching Calls

  • I AM Deep Dive Assessment Package

  • One VIP Ticket to Warrior Event

  • Free Copy of Personal Development Book

  • Free Warrior T-Shirt

  • 25% of Capacity Store 

  • 50% of Webinars & Masterclass Series


Warrior Membership

  • Access to The Hood

  • Live Monthly Coaching Calls

  • Expert Coaching Sessions

  • Access to Pre-Recorded training

  • (1) 1-1 Coaching Call

  • I AM Disc Assessment

  • One General Admission to Increase Event

  • 15% off at Capacity Store

  • 20% Webinars & Masterclass Series

$$ FREE $$

Warrior Community

  • A community of Women Warriors

  • Digital Templates

  • Live  Group sessions

  • Learning Units & Masterclass

  • Quarterly Challenges

  • Tools, Tips, and Templates

  • 10% off Capacity Store 

  • 10% off Webinars & Masterclass Series

See you on the inside!