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December 28!

Learn how to connect with your brand and audience!

During our 5-day FREE workshop, you'll learn how to:

Internal Branding

Learn what internal branding is and why it's so important and impactful to your personal brand

The C.O.R.E

Learn the C.O.R.E. components that will take your brand to the next level

Efficient Systems

Get the top 5 systems you should have in place to be more efficient and how to implement them

Beliefs & Mantras

Most of your success relies on your beliefs and mindset. We will work to eliminate a belief and create a mantra

Internally and intentionally connect with your brand

Do you have a sustainable brand? It is one that's consistent or do you find that you are always starting and stopping?
It's one thing to just have a brand or product, but the goal should be a brand that is driven from an internal place rather than external desires.

Launching a brand can be quite confusing!

All the terms and concepts...

All the late nights doing research...making content...and all with NO HELP and no CLEAR direction! 

Let's be honest! You spend MORE time, MORE money and MORE energy in justTHINKING about THINKING  about THINKING  what to do to launch or move your business forward? Annoying right???????

Let me guess.. you have spent countless hours trying to figure out how to connect with YOUR audience 

Image by Jonas Jacobsson

If you are ready to position yourself as an industry leader, you're ready to connect with your tribe, and launch a brand that is internally and externally authentic, join us!

During the Accelerator, we will teach the benefits of SE selling, help you connect your story to your content so you reach your tribe, and align your business systems and strategies for organic growth.

Join us for our FREE Accelerator starting December 28th!

Or maybe HOURS trying to understand the difference between brand identity and brand clarity

See what people are saying:

Ayana helped me build my entire course in a weekend. I had all the modules and touch points for my ideal client and I knew what I was going to teach and why.

Dierdre Bey

You have a way of creating systems that I need. Systems that anybody running a business needs. This is so super helpful.

Rachel Holmes

Can I help you, help you?

I know EXACTLY where you are!!!!  

In the process of launching my own business, I too, found myself stuck in the world of all these branding terms and lacking clarity of who I am as an entrepreneur! 

I know EXACTLY where you are!


Well stress NO MORE!

I've taken the guess work out for you! In this FREE 5-day workshop, you will learn tips and tools to launch a more authentic brand! 

NO MORE guesswork!

NO MORE disconnet with your brand! 

NO MORE going at it alone!


You are IF:

You want to connect more intentionally with your clients

You are lacking clarity, direction, and consistency for your business

You want to increase your brand's value and visability

You want your brand to have an impact and influence

You want your brand to reflect who you truly are

You want to increase your capacity personally and professionally

Passion Led Us Here

you will learn:

walk away with:

  • What internal branding really means

  • What The C.O.R.E Method is

  • Why having core values really do matter

  • Connected brands = consistent brands

  • Resetting limiting beliefs

  • Creating your mindset mantra

  • Efficient Systems for your brand

  • More connectedness to your brand

  • Brand communication strategy

  • Draft Core Values

  • Eliminate a Limiting Belief

  • Your mindset mantra

  • Defined business strategy

  • Personal Development Plan

Ready to Accelerate?

See you on the inside!